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Sacrifice of Love

The sun is shining brightly. There is only a little cloud. The birds are flying freely in the atmosphere. The wind is blowing breezy. It such a good day, not too hot and not too cold. I sit on the grass under a leafy tree in front of the library. There is a girl beside me. She is not too tall, she has a pointed nose, her skin is bright and she has long hair. She looks so pretty with her brown dress. Yes, she is my friend, Emily. We often spend our time together to go to library, borrow some books, and read it in the outside while enjoy the nature.

            “Hai, Mike, what are you doing here?”
She said to the man who is sitting on the right bench.

            “As you see, I just listening to the music and enjoy here. Are you read those books for reference to write your thesis?” Mike said.

            “No, this is just a novel and some comics. I feel so perplexing with my thesis, so I need some time to relax,” said Emily.

“That’s a good choice! We should have a relaxation for our brain. By the way, is she your friend?” Asked Mike while he walked to come close to us.

            “Oh, yeah, she is my friend, Jane,” she said.

            “Nice to meet you, Mike,” I said to him.

            “Nice to meet you too, Jane. Are you study at the same college with Emily?” asked Mike.

            “I study at the same college and also in the same class with her. She is my classmate,” I answered.

            We have been there for about 2 hours. Now is 1 o'clock. The weather is getting hot, and we are getting hungry. It’s time to have lunch, so we move to cafeteria which located behind the library.

The cafeteria is very crowded. There are so many people. After we ordered, we are looking for some empty seats. Fortunately, there is a space in the corner and we decided to sit there. During waiting the food, we are continue our talking. Emily, Mike, and I enjoy our chatting. None of us feel awkward to talk. In spite of Mike and I be acquainted a moment ago, but there is a compatibility between us. It’s not difficult for me to adapt to be among of Mike and Emily who have been know each other before.

After almost 15 minutes we waited, the waiter is coming and serve the food. There’s no conversation during eating. We are savoring our luch. After we finish, Emily and I decided to back home. Whereas, Mike is going to his friend’s house.

A  few days later, Mike meet with Emily. He is coming near to Emily. Emily so cheerful when she meet with Mike. But everything doesn’t as her mind.

“Hai, Emily, why are you alone? Where is Jane?” he asked.

“Ouh.. emm... Jane? Emm.. She has another schedule, so I walk alone,” she said haltingly.

            Emily is shocked after hear his question. She thought that Mike will ask about herself as usual, but after he met with me, he always asks about me to her. It such a hurt question for Emily because actually she loves him, but no body knows about her feeling. Thus, to conceal her feeling, she always answer Mike’s question without showing her jealousy.

            “By the way, may I have Jane’s phone number?” he asked.

            “Ok, I’ll send you her number. But I’m sorry, I have to go now. Bye, Mike..” she said.

            On her way, she grants Mike’s desire. She is suppose that Mike has falling in love with me. How heartache she is. Love that she feels during all this time, totally not responded.
            Since that day, Mike often calls me. We often have a date on weekends. Sometimes we go to cafe, go to movie, or have a dinner together. We are being closer. There is an unusual feeling on us. Mike falling in love to me. As well as me, I often missing him. I want to see him everyday.

            After a few months, Mike tells his feeling to me. I am very happy, and I tell to Emily. Emily is very shocked to hear that. She tries to calm herself, and she doesn’t give much comment for me. She prefer to keep off from me, because she‘s unable to see the man whom she loved is being her bestfriend’s boy.

            I wondered why Emily was changing. I try to correct myself, but I don’t get the answer. I decided to ask directly to Emily. After our class end, I walk to Emily, and we talk together.

            “Emily, do you have a time? I need to talk something to you,” asked me with a low voice.

            Seeing my expression, Emily becomes sympathetic to me, and she said, “Yeah, of course, I don’t have any other schedule today. Let’s go to canteen to talk!”

            Emily and I order our own beverage, and we started to talk.  I soothe Emily to explain the truth why she was shuning me. With my effort, I can make Emily tells about all her feeling indeed.

            It is so surprising me. I do not suppose that Emily also loving Mike. I am confused. I don’t know what to do. I only can say my regret to Emily.

            “Oh my god! I’m sorry, Emily..  I don’t mean to hurt you. I never know your feeling before. So, please forgive me.. I’m willing to end my relationship with him if it can make you relieved,” I said with a teary eyes.

            Emily is smiling, then she said, “No, Jane. I’m okay, now. I’m happy if you are happy. Don’t worry about me. Our friendship is more important than emphasize my ego. I’m sure, sooner or later,  I will also meet with someone who’s right for me.”

            After that day, Emily, Mike, and I have a good relation again. I am continue to have relationship with Mike, while Emily, Mike, and I, still being a bestfriend. We always share our story everyday and we live happily.

-The End-

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