Senin, 04 April 2016


A Deep Longing

Missing you is the hardest piece of life
I really miss you so badly
When I miss you, only tears are able to talk
I don't know what to do
I want to run to meet you, but I know I can't
Cause you are so far away

I feel so empty without you
As the sun loosing the sunshine
As the star loosing the light
As the rainbow loosing the colours
It so hurt cause you're so far

I need you, dear
To be with you is where I'd rather be
It's only a distance that we must beat it and fight for our love
I'm patient to wait you home
I am strong enough through all of this suffer for the sake of our love

This poetry tells about a couple that apart in a long time and they can not meet up although in a moment.

It so difficult and hurt them, because they must to hold longs days. Only the tears that can say about their feeling.

Not everyone is able to hold a relationship like this, but they want to prove that they can against the world. They'll try to be patient and wait until their time.

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